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                                                                We work towards “Global Network & Local Knowledge”. Maintaining close and good relationships while networking with suppliers, we benefit and capitalize our customers through our extensive pool of experts with global sourcing abilities.? Our professionals in China and other parts of Asia can assist in sourcing challenges to obtain the best material at a competitive price.

                                                                As material options are numerous, we appreciate a close communication with our customers while prioritizing their needs and requirements.? Our sourcing becomes more target-specific, hence providing a bigger selection variety for creativity and development.

                                                                A main challenge for many companies is how best to source from lower cost countries.? Finding a partner with the local knowledge on regulations, ample import and export experiences, business culture and language are other points on the agenda.? As a local expert, we try to extend our sourcing services to find components and parts required as a value-added service.

                                                                Our Procurement Department can assist in reducing potential risks as well as saving time and costs.


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