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                                                                New Island is a one-stop printing and packaging provider offering a full range service from design to development, print to production and delivery. We work hand-in-hand with our customers at all stages with quality dialogues.

                                                                We aim not merely for best quality prints but expert consultations with timely deliveries. Our outstanding packaging is sure to draw customers’ attention on the shelf. Building a strong and long-term customer relationships are our ultimate goals.

                                                                Our scope of services:

                                                                • Sourcing
                                                                • Artwork and Structural Design
                                                                • Pre-press output and Colour proofing
                                                                • Offset printing, Flexo?press
                                                                • Post press production
                                                                • Hand Assembly
                                                                • Packing and Delivery

                                                                In order to serve our customers better, we have re-categorized our product ranges. Our teams are now industry focused and specialized to serve unique needs and requirements for different sectors.

                                                                Our range of products and market solutions include:

                                                                -Beauty Packaging-
                                                                • Cartons
                                                                • Tray & Sleeve
                                                                • Pizza Box style
                                                                • Shopping Bags
                                                                • Tags
                                                                • Tester Promotions
                                                                • Open display box
                                                                • Retail envelope bags
                                                                • Gift box with
                                                                  various inner
                                                                  support, divider, tray or
                                                                  EVA, anchor pads and cushions
                                                                • Collapsible carton
                                                                • Collapsible rigid
                                                                • Display cartons with?various
                                                                  hanging hook?and back
                                                                  panel styles
                                                                • Display carton
                                                                • Value Pack
                                                                • Mini set box
                                                                • …Etc
                                                                -Cosmetic Packaging –
                                                                • Bags
                                                                • Folding Cartons
                                                                • Tester Promotions
                                                                • Fragrance Carton Box
                                                                • Rigid Box with pull out
                                                                • Triangular tube
                                                                • Round Tubes
                                                                • Open display box with
                                                                  window features
                                                                • Nail polish individual
                                                                  and set box
                                                                • Premium Fragrance
                                                                  Rigid Box
                                                                • Eye Shadow
                                                                • Blush Box
                                                                • Round Boxes
                                                                • Irregular Shaped Rigid
                                                                • Gift box with various
                                                                  inner support, divider,
                                                                  tray or EVA, anchor
                                                                  pads and cushions
                                                                • …Etc
                                                                -Stationery, Gifts & Keepsake Packaging-
                                                                • Puzzles
                                                                • Fancy Cards & Envelops
                                                                • Memo Pads
                                                                • Photo Albums
                                                                • Magnet Stickers
                                                                • Paper Folders
                                                                • Paper Files
                                                                • Red Packet
                                                                • Gift Box
                                                                • Craft Bags
                                                                • Mailers
                                                                • Milk carton style
                                                                • Juice carton style
                                                                • Scratch cards
                                                                • Scented cards
                                                                • Pop-up cards
                                                                • Advent calendars
                                                                • Fancy Mailers
                                                                • …Etc
                                                                -Travel Sets and Festive Products-
                                                                • Easter, Valentines,
                                                                  Halloween, Chinese
                                                                  New Year, Christmas,
                                                                  Charity themed and
                                                                  other festive
                                                                  packaging for all
                                                                  ranges of products
                                                                • Heart Shaped,
                                                                  Round shaped, Oval
                                                                • Travel Fragrance Sets
                                                                • Pick-up and go
                                                                • Cartons with hanging?hook
                                                                  or hang tab feature
                                                                • Display cartons with?various hanging hook and back panel?styles
                                                                • …Etc
                                                                -Pharmaceutical Packaging-
                                                                • Folding Cartons
                                                                • Bar coded packaging
                                                                • Health Supplement Box
                                                                • Box for herbal teas
                                                                • Multi-pack
                                                                • Value Pack
                                                                • Cartons for tablet, creams and bottles
                                                                • Display cartons with various
                                                                  hang hook and back panel styles
                                                                • Premium Box for
                                                                  supplement gift set
                                                                • …Etc
                                                                -Food & Confectionery Packaging-
                                                                • Popcorn Box
                                                                • Fries Box
                                                                • Collapsible Cone Box
                                                                • Burger Box
                                                                • Chocolate Gift Boxes, with various inner trays, partition, dividers
                                                                • Chocolate Cartons
                                                                • Cake Box
                                                                • Cake stand / 2-tier, 3 tier cupcake stands
                                                                • Clam shell
                                                                • Pizza Box
                                                                • Tapered tray
                                                                • Trapezium Box
                                                                • Hexagon Box
                                                                • Luxury Gift Box
                                                                • Premium Cake Box
                                                                • Biscuit cartons with tear away opening or re-close feature
                                                                • Triangle sandwich box
                                                                • Irregular octagon tray & lid
                                                                • Fast food tray & lid
                                                                • …Etc
                                                                -Wine & Beverage Packaging-
                                                                • Wine Box
                                                                • Wine Carrier Box
                                                                • Liquor Gift Box
                                                                • Carton with bottle support
                                                                  top and slap-lock
                                                                • Bottle Carrier
                                                                • Retail bag for wines
                                                                • Gift bag for wines
                                                                • Premium Liquor Box
                                                                • Cartons with window
                                                                • …Etc
                                                                -Consumer Products Packaging-
                                                                • Retail Bags
                                                                • Retail Promotion accessories
                                                                • Hang Tags
                                                                • Labels
                                                                • Home Products
                                                                • Carton with side tuck in slot
                                                                • Shoe Box
                                                                • Carton with inner dividers
                                                                • Carton with windows
                                                                • Carton with windows
                                                                • Tray and lids
                                                                • Drop On Lid Rigid Box with window
                                                                • Corrugated Boxes
                                                                • Online Retail Delivery Box
                                                                • CD case , double CD case
                                                                • …Etc
                                                                -Innovation & Eco Solutions-
                                                                • Box with light features
                                                                • Box with sound features
                                                                • QR Code / NFC Communication feature
                                                                • Flat Pack
                                                                • Collapsible
                                                                • Automatic Closure Box
                                                                • Non-adhesive cartons
                                                                • Less energy and less material designs
                                                                • …etc

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