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                                                                Pre-press is the collaboration of expert skills and processes to provide an ideal customer solution.? This enables the final product to meet requirements in protection, presentation, branding, legal, safety, hygiene and environmental issues.

                                                                “Attention to detail starts long before printing”. Pre-press services include paper engineering, film assembly, digital pre-press colour separation, film & proof-making together with the provision of pre-production sampling.? Our fully-integrated digital scanners, computerized page-assembly and imposition software provide a complete digital workflow, enabling output of imposed films or direct to our Computer-to-Plate (CTP) system for precision registration and quality press-ready plates.


                                                                Mockup / Prototypes

                                                                Our CAD experts produce mockups and prototypes for all categories of packaging.? From white sample to getting the rough ideas across for fitting and refinement, then to colour samples.? The ready–finished prototype is created for the final approval of the customer.


                                                                Colour Management

                                                                Colour matching and colour consistency are always on our priorities.? New Island is accredited with a G7 Master qualification.? This is granted to printers who use modern technology based on colourimetry and employing G7 process controls.

                                                                • CAD
                                                                • Die Plotter for sample making
                                                                • White sample
                                                                • Pre-press room
                                                                • Colour proofing
                                                                • Direct to film plate system

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