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                                                                Design & Product Development

                                                                At New Island, we have our own in-house innovation center specialized to create new and creative packaging designs. Our aim is to continuously improve on design and to come up with new packaging structures that can be seamlessly applied to the latest material, equipment and print effect. We also aim to help our customers differentiate their product in the market. New Island provides customized designs for customers that have special requirements or who wants to improve on their existing packaging.

                                                                Our designs do not focus only on what our customers want, but we also put emphasis on what consumers want. We encourage our customers to involve us early in the development process to define direction, functional-fit and ensure any imaginative creations are viable for manufacture. Customers are welcomed to visit our innovation center show room and view some of our patent designs.


                                                                Green Island

                                                                To celebrate our 50 years of establishment, New Island launches the Green Island range. The aim at this initiative is to improve existing designs, to make them “greener”, such as less adhesive, smart gluing and smart packaging with no adhesive. In our designs, we encourage the reduction of plastic components, the use of fewer materials and any means of cost savings. Our design projects also aim to save on energy, produce less waste and encourage use of recycled materials.

                                                                Packaging Development Workflow



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