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                                                                Graduate Opportunities


                                                                Shape your?future ??????????Unlock your potential???????????Be the best of yourself

                                                                When we hire, we hire the person, not the position. We want you to be yourself and to be part of the team.


                                                                New Island values people as our major and most valuable resource, so we have established an?internship programme since year 2000 and still expanding.?For students or?graduates coming to join our internship programme, will be given the opportunity to learn about New Island, its business, the printing and packaging industry and management. We offer you with a perfect platform to feel and touch the real business.?Interns of different majors or academic backgrounds will be given good exposure and can apply their newly-acquired knowledge into work.

                                                                New Island is an exciting and challenging place to start your?career. When you?join, you will be?given the tools to realize your?potential and abilities to the fullest.? Ambitious individuals may be given the opportunity to work directly with our project teams and to contribute to a change for a better future.


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