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                                                                New Island is one of the leading printing and packaging suppliers in Hong Kong and China.? Our success derives from our commitment in providing top quality products and services. We are dedicated to operating responsibly, ethically and sustainably.?We strive to explore into all up-market technologies, to execute our best excellence and to venture into any new opportunities for growth.

                                                                We are driven by our values and passions for?print and customers ?success.

                                                                We believe teamwork drives strong communication and success. Our leadership team is a representation of one of the most experienced printing and management professionals in the industry. With a target to accomplish strategic goals, we are able to deliver outstanding outputs to our clients and the communities. New Island endeavours to grow to be an elite global sustainable print and packaging provider.


                                                                Leadership Team

                                                                Mr. Guo Song


                                                                Ms. Pat Lee

                                                                Sales & Marketing Director

                                                                Mr. Charles Lai

                                                                Chief Executive Officer

                                                                Mr. S. K. Tee

                                                                Operations Director

                                                                Ms.?Yvonne Yeung

                                                                Chief Financial Officer




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